How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews

How to handle negative reviews for your business?

Below are step-by-step instructions to handle negative reviews:

In this era of digitization, sharing of personal opinions and information has become easier than ever. You’ve probably looked at online reviews to help you learn about a company or product before choosing one company over another. So, it wouldn’t surprise you that your business has got a lot to gain from positive reviews and a lot to lose from negative reviews.

For this very reason, Google reviews are used to sabotage a brand for their service or because they are simply a competitor. If you’re experiencing bad online reviews, take a deep breath. You’re bound to have a bad review online. So, what do you do when a customer writes a negative review for your business?

Not all strategies against negative reviews seem to work, but here are 5 reliable rules to use when responding that will pacify angry customers who leave negative reviews.

1 Never Argue

Never argue with a reviewer online. A year from now, if your potential customers come across your argument, your whole organization will look unprofessional to them.

2 Be Responsive

If you have got a bad review, get in touch with the customer as soon as possible. Try to understand what went wrong and offer your solutions.

3 Offer a Public response

Offer a public response to negative reviews. Your response should reflect your business’s values. In any case, don’t be rude or unapologetic. Thank the customer for his patronage, accept full responsibility for the situation and mention what you’re doing to set his complaint right. Check out our free review response templates to get started.

4 Ask for feedback

Try to stop a negative review even before it happens. If possible, talk to the customer after you have serviced them. Most of the time, people leave a bad review because the product/service did not live up to his expectations. Implementing a system for following up with customers is recommended and becoming increasingly more more common with certain industries. 

5 Explain your position

If the negative review is due to something that you can’t help much about (like the pricing of your products, turnaround time or color of the tablecloth), explain your position and promise that you will consider revising your options in future.
Remember, most of the review sites will not allow you to delete or edit customer reviews. Although negative reviews are not really a bad thing, how you react to those reviews will reveal a great deal about what your business is all about.

Hopefully, these rules have brightened the path for you to take action and counteract those bad reviews with darn good response.

Remember, when handled eloquently, bad reviews are a great opportunity to showcase to the readers your customer service and market yourself by refocusing the attention.

You may not have time to craft the best responses, so we’ve done it for you: Get more free negative review response templates.

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