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Frequently Asked Questions

How or where do we have our consultations?

Consultations will be via Zoom or another screen-sharing software.

Depending on your plan and the time you’ve allotted for our consultation using your scheduling link, these are typically 30 – 60 min discussions but can range from 15 to 90-minutes and no less than 15 minutes.

How do I schedule my consultations?

You click on a link to schedule an available time and day, and how much time you’re requesting (15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes).

Do you guarantee results?

Yes. In some cases, we can guarantee results or your money back. Scroll down to view our guidelines used to deem if a project qualifies for a money back guarantee.

What is discussed in a consultation?

What we discuss depends on you, your goal, our progress, plan, and each one is totally unique. For example, you may want insight on keywords or competitors, content plans or topic suggestions to write about. We may go over the results of a previous quarter as we look over analytics and metrics, or you might have a high-level strategy question. You can ask for advice, clarification, direction, or direct help from me. Even if I’m helping to create or editing graphics for Instagram, or to curating pre-trending articles for your Twitter account, your time is yours to use however you want it. Of course, I want you to get the most out of all your investment, so if I may make suggestions to help you achieve higher success in less time. For example, I recommend saving the shorter consultations for high-level strategy questions.

Required Consultations

Required Every month I require one 30-minute consultation to look at the performance from the previous consultation using your Google Analytics account. Each of consult will produce data-driven and performance-based next steps, and, if necessary, we’ll adjust activities based on how your audience is consuming and engaging in order to reach our quarterly goals. We will discuss quarterly goals at the onset of each new fiscal quarter (3 months). These are typically 60-min consults. If you are unable to be live on screen share, I will make a private video going over all the information and share the link with you via YouTube.


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